15-year-old boy discovers an ancient Mayan city

He has named this city K’aak Chi, or Mouth of Fire

A 15-year-old Canadian boy has reportedly discovered an ancient Mayan city, while studying Mayan astronomy.

William Gadoury from Quebec, Canada, who has always been infatuated with Mayan culture, made an amazing discovery, as Yucatan News reports.

He was looking at Mayan constellations when he decided to overlay a map of the Yucatan Peninsula with the constellation map. And that’s when he realized that the known cities, like Chichen Itza and Uxmal, were exactly lined up with the stars in major Mayan constellations.

Gadoury then noticed that the third star in the 23rd constellation was missing on the map. He found satellite images from space agencies, including NASA, JAXA and Google Earth, and discovered a third city where the third star of the constellation said it would be. Then, adding the star to his constellation map, Gadoury was able to predict where the as-yet unidentified Mayan city would be.

He has named this city K’aak Chi, or Mouth of Fire. The lost city has a pyramid that is 86 meters high, as well as 30 other visible (from the photos) structures and it is on the border with Belize.