25 immigrants arrested in Lesvos for occupying central plazza

They demanded to be moved to other refugee facilities

A total of 25 immigrants were arrested on Sunday night after attempting to occupy the Sappho square on the island of Lesvos. The immigrants, 20 Algerians, 2 Moroccans, 2 Tunisians and a Libyan tried to set up tents in the central square of Mytilene demanding their asylum applications be expedited. According to the police report filed, they tried to take over the area and set up tents in an effort to push for their transfer to another area in Greece. Of the 25 arrested, the public prosecutor’s office released 9 as they were under-aged, while the remaining 16 will stand trial on Monday. Meanwhile, the occupation of the party offices of SYRIZA by 35 Afghan refugees is continuing for a 10th day in a row. They are demanding their immediate transfer to Athens.