250 migrants break out of Samos hotspot cause havoc on island (pics+video)

Security forces negotiate with them

The situation on Aegean island hotspots hosting refugees and illegal migrants resembles a powder keg ready to explode. The latest incident involves 250 migrants who broke out of the hotspot on the island of Samos and poured out into the streets of the island spreading fear among the local islanders. It all started when a large group of the migrants in the hotspot began causing trouble, after some agitators stirred them up. The only two officers designated with guarding the facility failed to calm them down, with the angry migrants forcing a catering company service out of the facility. At the risk of the situation escalating even more, Greek soldiers, Police, Frontex officers and the coastguard were called in to defuse the situation. The situation, however deteriorated even further when some migrants started threatening people around them with broken pieces of glass and knives, others tried to bring down the main gate, while some started jumping over the fences. After they broke out of the facilities and run amok with violent intentions, they were finally cornered by security forces who were in talks with them in an effort to convince them to return to the hotspot.