5 celebs who posted too raunchy (?) photos

Sometimes they tend to get carried away

Sometimes, whenever we’re casually browsing the internet, we come across photos that can be a little too hot to handle. And it’s often a rather racy photo of a celebrity, whether we like them or not. It’s part of their job to be a little revealing, but there are times when they can get a little too revealing when they’re not in front of the cameras except the ones on their phones.
Lindsay Lohan


Back when she was fresh off Mean Girls and before her downward spiral into a rather troubling lifestyle, Lindsay Lohan probably wouldn’t be taking a photo as risque as this one, showing off her very long, blonde hair, and body in a topless selfie.

Adrianne Curry


It’s part of what she does for a living, apart from being the first America’s Next Top Model winner. In this photo, she just decided to bring her camera into the shower to get a quick soapy photo of herself. It’s something you could probably see in a print ad other than being a little too racy, when you take a look at it the second time.



She’s also quite known to take some racy photos and post them in her social media accounts, and could also get a little bit risque as well when it comes to outfits, like that see-through gown she wore during the 2014 CFDA awards. But it just goes to show that this good girl gone bad certainly lives up to her image to be just that. We just wonder if it’s a regular thing for her to sit down on the floor without any underwear on and casually smoke and drink too.



In this Instagram photo, the singer gives us a little peek into her bedroom, as well as what she was wearing, or hardly wearing while in bed too, although we’re not quite sure if she was undressing or if she was fixing something on what she was wearing in this one.

Heidi Klum


A little less racy, but still very revealing all the same. The supermodel-mom-Project Runway host flaunts her beach body in this photo. Now we’re just jealous of how she maintains her bikini body during the summer.