A dynamic summer duo: Intl philosophy conference in… Greece

Forget worries of Grexit and euro crisis, global philosophy comes to one of Greece’s most famous resorts

Greece is much more than a … euro crisis — although you wouldn’t know it by judging from recent headlines. If dealing with ancient Greece, philosophy often comes to find, and what better way than to ponder the intricacies of human reasoning than to hold a conference in July’s sun-kissed Greece, and next to the sparkling Aegean no less.

That’s exactly what the 27th International Conference of Philosophy is doing this week until July 16, bringing philosophers and professors of philosophy from around the world back to Grecian soil — near Athens, no less — to exchange views on research and investigation. The emphasis this year  is on global ethics, politics and their relationship to ecological issues, as organizers stressed. The stunning Athens seaside resort of Vouliagmeni is the venue for the conference.

For a compendium on the conference click here: http://www.iagp.gr/

For a more light-hearted view of great philosophers, pitting the “ancient Greeks vs. the Germans” in a… World Cup setting, you have the Monty Python’s version — which definitely resonates with the current developments emanating from the Eurozone.