Academy of Athens: FYROM constitution change necessary

“The place alone where a nation resides is not a determinant of its identity”


It is essential according to the Academy of Athens that FYROM amends its constitution in order for the name dispute to be resolved.

The Academy of Athens also clarifies that a prerequisite for any agreement is the abandonment of irresponsible claims and the appropriation of the history, the culture and the symbols of Greece.

The announcement by the Academy’s Public Relations Office is as follows:

The Academy of Athens has constantly monitored this national issue, it has repeatedly publicized its positions on the basis of irrefutable historical, cultural and archaeological data. It has pointed out that a necessary prerequisite for any agreement on the name of FYROM must be the amendment of its Constitution, the abandonment of irredentist claims (textbooks, geographic maps, statues of Alexander the Great, etc.) and the appropriation of history, culture and the symbols of our country.

The place alone where a nation resides is not a determinant of its identity. The continuation of this abeyance is not in the interest of both countries.