According to ManpowerGroup survey, 24 pct of Greek employers see rise in employment prospects

Greek exports are accelerating due to a strong recovery of the international economy

An increase of their workforce is expected by 24 pct of Greek employers in the next three months, with a four percent expecting a decline and 70 pct expecting no change, ManpowerGroup said in a quarterly survey released on Tuesday.

On a seasonally adjusted basis, employment prospects are up 15 pct, relatively unchanged compared with the previous quarter and up three percentage points compared with the same period in 2017.

“In Greece, a recovery in economic activity is finally gaining ground. Greek exports are accelerating due to a strong recovery of the international economy and the beginning of the tourism season is expected to give a further boost to employment and retail sales. The labour market appears to be opening, with a positive impact for growth and job creation. Lack of talent remains the basic challenge for Greek enterprises and it is more important than ever to follow a strategy of ‘brain inflow’ that will include development of talent and skills,” Babis Kazantzidis, general commercial director in ManpowerGroup Greece said in an announcement.

The survey said that nine sectors of economic activity expected increases in their workforce, led by agriculture (+23 pct), transport & communication (+19 pct), electricity, natural gas & water (+18 pct) and commerce (+18 pct). The financial services, insurance, real estate and tourism sectors recorded a 14 pct rise in hiring expectations, while the construction sector recorded the weakest expectations (+6.0 pct).

Employers in large enterprises see a 26 pct increase in employment prospects, in medium-sized enterprises prospects were up 15 pct, while small and very small enterprises prospects were +12 pct and +11 pct, respectively.

Source: thegreekobserver