Afghan rapist and murderer of German girl breaks down in court

Afghan was arrested and sentenced in Greece to 10 years, but was released

A bogus refugee who raped and murdered the daughter of a top EU official broke down and asked for forgiveness at his trial in Germany today.
Self-pitying Hussein Khavari was linked to the murder of Maria Ladenburger through his DNA but remained silent after his arrest last year.
On Monday that changed as he wept in the Freiburg District Court as he recalled how he smoked hashish the night he ambushed 19-year-old Maria, raped her and drowned her in the knee-deep water of a nearby river.
He said he took her to the water to wash her blood from his body and clothes and claimed the incident had destroyed his life.
He said the night of the killing he was so drunk he was ejected from a bar and left alone by his friends in town.
He claims he accidentally came across Maria who shouted out as she fell from her bicycle.
He said he pressed her mouth shut then choked her with a scarf and put her unconscious into the water.
‘When I saw how pretty she was, I wanted to have sex with her,’ he said, but claims he was too drunk.
He broke down in court and added: ‘I want to apologise to the family of Maria’.
Reading from a statement he went on: ‘I beg your pardon. I want to apologise to the family of Maria. I wish I could undo it.
‘What I have done, I am sad for from the bottom of my heart ‘.
He says he dreams of what he did every day as he wiped tears from his face.
‘I live with the agony of what I did and this torment destroys my life,’ he added.
He claims he dragged her into the river ‘because I wanted to wash her blood from me’.
It emerged after his arrest that he had been arrested and sentenced to ten years for attempted murder in Corfu in 2013 before coming to Germany seeking refuge in 2015. He was released from Greek prison due to failings of the Greek justice system.