Alexander the Great created the Roman Catholic Church, says a Muslim Sheik! (video)

Some Islamic apologists will say anything to persuade people

Preachers and spiritual leaders can have a profound effect on the faithful, regardless of their religious affiliation. However, when semi-knowledge or complete ignorance is combined with the deeply rooted desire of people to believe in a higher being, the danger of manipulating the masses rises exponentially. This danger could not be more pronounced than the preaching of a Muslim scholar.

Yusuf Estes claimed the Catholic Church was established by none other than Alexander the Great 3 centuries before Christ was even born! No, this is not a joke!

Yusuf Estes was a former Protestant Christian who converted to Islam and was addressing a large crowd on matters of the Islamic faith when he said that the Catholic Church was made up by the Macedonian strategist in Rome.

Refuting such claims is futile and a waste of time, as a junior student in history knows that they are pure nonsense. The most concerning issue, however, is the fact that a large number of commenters on the YouTube clip were actually praising him for his deep knowledge.
Many a time, Muslim apologists have been known to make outlandish claims like the one that their holy book, the Quran has scientific explanations on a number of issues.

Sheik Yusuf travels all around the world to places like Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabi, Kuwait, Bahrain, India, Sweden, Denmark, U.A.E. and Pakistan where he preaches to the Muslims and meets with other scholars.