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Alexis Tsipras to Portuguese President: “Portugal is a positive example for Greece”

De Sousa: “You can count on Portugal”


“In August 2018 we will be done with the programme; we already see a big difference in the economic figures and we seek to transfer this difference to the social indicators and to people’s sense of the real economy as well, exactly as happened in Portugal, for the benefit of society,” stated Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras as he welcomed visiting Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa at the Maximos mansion on Tuesday.

“Portugal is a good example for Greece and the institutions because it managed to end the ordeal of the programme early and this acts as a precedent that I believe to be binding, for the institutions as well, so that they handle similar problems in the same way,” the Greek premier added.

On his part, Portugal’s president said that his visit indicates “a strong and natural relationship between our peoples and our countries. We are both democratic countries governed by European law, belonging to the south but able to engage in dialogue with all of Europe”.

He congratulated Greece for the way it had addressed the challenges that Portugal had also faced until recently. “I know that this is a historic moment for Greece. You can count on Portugal. We are both supporters of strong and correct relationship for Europe’s future” said de Sousa before beginning a meeting with the Greek prime minister.

Source: thegreekobserver

  • Mikenewport2002

    Portugal has a lot to help Greece with not least with youth self medication. Portugal left the hegemony of the USA racist attacks on it’s black skinned population by rejecting it’s concept of a “war on drugs”. This discredited ideology promoted by a USA’s puppets in the World Health Organisation has caused untold harm far greater than even opioids. This ideology has led to the financing of terrorism, gangsters and other miscreants. This includes all those people who have made a living by persecuting a section of society, they (police, security organisations, politians etc) are the greater criminals.