Greek government dazed and confused over refugee crisis!

Amazing: Greek Dep. Foreign Min. Mardas insists refugee ‘investors’ can stay in country!

The overall position of the Greek government is getting dire by the day. According to a note issued by the Greek Foreign Ministry, the refugee crisis is estimated to cost the Greek state up to 1.8 billion Euros. Meanwhile, the government has lost the ‘solidarity’ ‘open borders’ moral high ground argument, as the country has effectively been turned into an ‘open space refugee camp’ ready for selection. Greece is essentially depending on the good will of Turkey implementing the EU refugee plan. The state of confusion the Greek government finds itself in was shown once more when Deputy Foreign Minister Dimitris Mardas said that he would pass an amendment in parliament to offer incentives for refugees to remain in Greece if they were willing to invest 250,000 Euros! It was subsequently revealed that Mardas had come across this amendment online and he doubled down on his proposal, despite the furor caused. ‘It is a practice sued internationally’, he said in a Monday morning TV interview adding that there is a large ‘subgroup of refugees who have the money to invest’! Meanwhile, a false rumour at Idomeni that the borders were about to open was enough to create commotion and divide the refugees into two factions, those who refused to leave the camp waiting for the borders to open and those who decided to board some of the buses the Greek government sent to the area to relocate the refugees to other ready reception centers. One group of refugees was protesting on the railway tracks against the sealing off of the borders, while a group of open border activists attempted to reach them in solidarity. A number of activists traveled from Italy to Greece to meet up the local pro-open borders supporters.