An affordable iPhone for (almost) everyone (infographic)

Apple officially unveiled the new iPhone SE on Wednesday

Apple officially unveiled the new iPhone SE on Wednesday, adding a new low-cost option to its smartphone line-up. The official successor to the original iPhone SE released in 2016 takes design cues from the 2017 iPhone 8 but comes with the same A13 chip that powers Apple’s flagship smartphones. The new iPhone SE features a single-lens camera system, a Touch ID fingerprint scanner and 4.7-inch LCD screen.

Like the 2016 iPhone SE, the new model is the smallest one in Apple’s smartphone line-up, although people hoping for an even handier model will be disappointed. Coming in three colors (black, white and red) and three storage options (64GB, 128GB and 256GB), the SE is officially replacing the iPhone 8, which had still been available on the Apple Store until Wednesday’s announcement.

Starting at $399, the iPhone SE is a much better deal for entry-level buyers than the iPhone 8 was, because it offers the same design with better specs at a lower price. As the following chart shows, Apple now has an iPhone for (almost) every wallet with prices ranging from $399 to $1,449. It remains to be seen whether the new iPhone SE can mimic the success of its 2016 predecessor, but considering its price and the fact that it features the same chip as the most expensive iPhone you can buy, it looks like a great offer for budget-conscious Apple fans.

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Infographic: An iPhone for (Almost) Every Wallet | Statista

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