Ancient Greek necropolis unearthed in Sicily during internet cables digging

Workers were placing internet cables

Workers in Sicily digging a trench for fiber optic internet cables discovered an ancient Greek necropolis with a number of unusual objects, including a ceramic jug containing the remains of a newborn baby.

The discovery was made in Gela, a town on the southern coast of the Italian island, where more than 20 pieces of clayware and ceramics were discovered in what’s believed to have been a Greek necropolis.

The remains of the baby are perhaps the most mysterious, with its bones found in a hydria, a common style of jug with a wide bulbous body and a thin, tapered neck that was commonly used to carry water.

‘The newly-uncovered graves are seen as particularly important by historians as they’re thought to hold the remains of the first settlers along with examples of the fine ceramics they brought with them,’ according to a Newsweek translation of the local government’s announcement.

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