ANEL President Kammenos: Plan to bribe party MPs in full swing

Mr Kammenos alleged his party members were being pressured to bring down the Greek government

Panos Kammenos, the President of ANEL (Independent Greeks), the junior partner in the coalition government in Greece, alleged major opposition party New Democracy (ND) was inciting attacks against members of his party, adding that a plan to bribe members of ANEL was underway.

Speaking to the press, following a party meeting on Wednesday, Mr Kammenos called on the Prosecutor to take action and prevent the “dissolution of Democracy”, as he said. ANEL’s inconsistent stance, as it intended to vote against the agreement with FYROM on the name dispute when it came for ratification to the House, while concurrently backing the government in the recent no-confidence vote, caused a backlash against party members, with some facing abuse by citizens while others abandoning the party altogether due to its erratic position. In the press briefing, Mr Kammenos said he would request for an increased majority of 180 votes in the parliament for the deal with FYROM to pass, adding that his MPs would vote against.

Mr Kammenos reiterated that in the motion of no-confidence he chose to continue to support the government in order not to disturb the exit from the memorandums. In an effort to assuage the strong reactions after the FYROM deal, Mr Kammenos said the agreement was not “an agreement as such, but a draft that had no legal power”.

“There have been phone threats even from landline phones at their [ANEL MPs] homes to make them back down or force them to bring the government down. Their aim is to intimidate and create a climate of fear among ANEL”, he said.