Arrest warrant issued against former FYROM PM Gruevski

Gruevski was sentenced to 2 years over illicit practices regarding a luxury armoured vehicle

FYROM judicial authorities issued an arrest warrant against former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski after he failed to report to jail to serve a 2-year-sentence on charges of an illegal purchase of a luxury Mercedes.

Mr Gruevski was given a deadline until November 8 November to appear at the prison facility and serve his sentence. The former prime minister had filed a request of suspension for his sentence which was rejected on Friday.
Since then, the former PM has not appeared in prison, and the efforts of the judicial authorities to locate his whereabouts and serve him the summons to appear at jail were fruitless.

Nikola Gruevski was sentenced in early October to two years in prison for incitement to commit a crime involving a state-owned armored vehicle of 600,000 euros at the time he was prime minister. Beyond that case, the former Prime Minister is accused of four more cases of corruption and abuse of power.