Asset & wealth tax declaration extended till march 15

Government extends date after appeal by 5 judicial associations

The Greek government is expected to pass an amendment in parliament on Thursday extending the deadline for taxpayers to declare their asset and wealth declaration till March 15.

The President of the Greek Parliament, Nikos Voutsis has informed the body’s council of presidents that following appeals by judges and requests forwarded by other entities like TV station owners, the Justice Ministry decided to offer a 2-month extension. Asset and wealth declaration is submitted exclusively at

Under the current provisions the deadline for taxpayers to declare the origin of their wealth and assets expired on January, 2017. Five judicial associations, along with a series of requests by TV station owners, who argued the current procedures were anti-constitutional compelled the government to grant an extension until the Council of State (CoS) plenum ruled on the appeal of the 5 judicial associations. The appeal is scheduled to be discussed on January 13.