August’s Full Moon with the “Averof” battleship in the background

The Floating Maritime Museum Battleship” G. Averof “celebrates the August full moon with a unique concert

With the monument battleship “Georgios Averof” as a backround, the composer Michael Koumbios creates a special concert program specifically for the ship itself. The evening is entitled: “the moon in the bottom of the sea.”

This is the first time that something like that is performed on the Floating Maritime Museum, and in this trip Michael Koumbios will be accompanied by Vasilis Lekkas, two new performers, Savveria Margiola, Harry Makris and a group of creative musicians.

Along with songs from their entire discography and instrumental compositions which have received international recognition,with the sea in the limelight of course, the program includes songs from Vasilis Lekkas and Savveria Margiola discography, as well as songs of important Greek composers whose in songs are dominated by narrations of the Sea and the Moon.

The event is open to the public.


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