Beautiful Greek politician features in music video clip

MP Katerina Monogyiou said the scenes of her were taken from her 2019 election campaign spot

Ruling New Democracy MP from the Cyclades region Katerina Monogyiou the source of inspiration for singer-songwriter Matthaios Giannoulis, who wrote the lyrics and music of the island song “My beautiful Katerina”.

The song is performed by Matthaios Giannoulis, Lefteris Pantazis, Michalis Lagouris, and Polychronis Korres. The video clip went viral on social media within a few hours.

In fact, the MP made a statement about the specific song. According to her, the scenes of her used in the video clip are from her pre-election campaign spot as a candidate for Member of Parliament for the Cyclades in June 2019. She added that the proceeds from the song will be donated to the Thera poorhouse.

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