Beautiful sketch of Konstantinos Katsifas receives public attention (photos)

The drawing was presented to his family

A beautiful sketch depicting Konstantinos Katsifas, who was murdered by Albanian forces last week, has raised the interest of the Greek public on social media. The work, created by children’s books illustrator and painter Spyridon Zacharopoulos depicts the 35-year-old with blood stains, behind the Greek soldiers of 1940-1941 and a little girl holding the Greek flag in her hand.
The image went viral on social media, with many Northern Epirus groups using it as a banner in their protest marches in Athens.
The image was presented to the family of the deceased on Tuesday morning and was hung on the walls of his house in Vouliarates.
Konstantinos Katsifas was shot dead by Albanian security forces on October 28, when he attempted to hoist a Greek flag as part of celebrations for the Greek national day of “OXI”. A scuffle ensued with Albanian police that led him to use his weapon following threats against him, which subsequently resulted in a gun fight and his murder.