Best year for tourist arrivals in the history of Rhodes, data shows

Business revenues not reflective of good numbers

The island of Rhodes has experienced a 6% rise in tourist arrivals for the month of August compared to the same month in 2015, according to official data. Hotels and rented rooms have reached full capacity over the same period, revealing the degree of success so far in the island’s main economic industry of tourism. According to past data, August has always been the most attractive month of the summer season for tourists as arrivals have reached their peak. Based on the numbers the days with the most arrivals on the island was August 6, when a little over 23,000 tourists landed and 22,000 departed from the Rhodes airport. Market analysts estimate September will also be a successful month in terms of arrivals, as there is increased interest in flight with many companies requesting extra flights to the island. The figures show that despite the economic crisis, 2016 isn shaping up to be the most successful year in the history of tourism for Rhodes regarding arrivals. However, the sentiment of business owners on the island does not reflect the positive data, as they claim they have experienced a substantial drop in revenues compared to previous seasons.