Deutsche Welle: Prospect of EU Summit meeting slim

International media reports indicate meeting highly unlikely

According to German newspaper ‘Bild’, Greek PM Alexis Tsipras contacted European Council President Donald Tusk Tuesday night requesting the immediate summoning of an EU Summit meeting to discuss the Greek matter at the highest level. The German publication claims that even though an agreement between Greece and its creditors was likely to be achieved on Thursday, Tsipras was ‘unwilling and unable’ to agree with all the reforms demanded of his government by the institutions. The head of the SYRIZA parliamentary group, Kostas Zachariadis told ‘Bild’ that the government would not bring more reforms to parliament. As the SYRIZA official points out the Greek constitution forbids such type of preventive and automatic legislative interventions. Another German media outlet, ‘Deutsche Welle’ reports from Brussels that the the possibility of the request by the Greek PM for an extra ordinary EU Summit meeting on the Greek issue is virtually ‘zero’. ‘Bild’ cites German news agency DPA that it is still unclear whether Tsipras’s request will be accepted, while the same newswire also make reference of rumours about early elections in Greece.