Athens-Corinth National highway closed off due to floods (photos)

Elefisis road tolls also closed

The new Athens-Corinth National Highway has been cut off after muddy waters with sludge and sediment flooded the road at the 29.5th km. The three lanes of the national highway in Patras and Corinth have closed from 16:00 on Wednesday.

Firefighters and workers from the Olympia Odos are trying to open the highway. The flood and closed roads have resulted in a queue of about one kilometre.

Sources tell that the tolls of Elefsina have also been closed for those heading to Corinth.

Firefighters, along with vehicles and employees of the company that manages the Athens-Corinth-Patras national highway, are diverting cars towards Corinth back to Athens, at the tolls of Elefsina.