Three bodies recoverd at helicpter crash site

The helicopter reportedly got tangled in electricity cables before falling


Rescue teams have recovered the third body from the helicopter crash site. According to the Greek coast guard, all three are males, two Russians and one Greek.


Two bodies have been recovered by search teams at the area where a helicopter crashed in the eastern Peloponnese earlier on Tuesday. Search teams are still looking for the remaining one passenger.

According to the Port Authority, the two bodies belong to the two Russian nationals aboard the helicopter, while search and rescue operations are continuing to locate the third Greek passenger.

The three passengers were two Russian nationals and one Greek.

An eyewitness who spoke to said the pilot of the helicopter had attempted to take off more than once from the helipad. When he managed to take off a loud explosion was heard and smoke began rising.

According to the same eyewitness, the pilot tried to return to the helipad at which point the helicopter the electricity cables, resulting in the helicopter falling into the sea.