Breathtaking drone footage of Navagio beach! (video)

Huge tourist magnet!

A one-minute video recorded by a drone captures the breathtaking beauty of the Navagio beach in the Ionian island off the west coat of Greece, Zakynthos. The aerial footage shows the famous beach, which has featured in many videos around the world with its iconic shipwreck (the actual meaning of the world Navagio) on the white sands of the rocky islet surrounded by the stunning turquoise waters. The area is swarmed with visitors from around the globe during summer to take in the unique scenery, while many skydiving or paragliding daredevils jump off the cliff for a rush of adrenaline. The shipwreck is the beach’s trademark. It belonged to a captain from the neighbouring island of Kefalonia and was shipwrecked while transporting contraband tobacco from Turkey to Italy fell into a storm in the winter of 1980.