Rhodes airport pothole in runway causes disruptions to flights

Vacation spoilt by a sinkhole

British holidaymakers were trapped at the Greek airport of the isle of Rhodes after a sinkhole appeared on the runway. This meant that planes were unable to land or take off, leaving the holidaymakers stranded overnight. All passengers got for their troubles as a sandwich. They were left sleepless and feeling stressful as they wondered when they would be able to return to the UK.

Finally, the passengers were bussed off to a very basic hotel without being given an explanation as to the cause of delay. Information that there was a massive hole in the runway leaked out.

It is believed that heavy rain during a thunderstorm caused the sinhole to emerge. It took contracters ten hours to fill the hole before the airport reopened.

Even after the British tourists had left the airport shut down again on Thursday after an 8-meter pothole opened up again. Airport authorities are currently examining the possibility of limiting the length of the runway at 1,800 meters but southeasterly winds make the landing and take off impossible.