Californian woman accused of having sex with daughters’ teen boyfriends

The District Attorney’s Office charged her with 21 felony sex counts

A California woman is accused of having sex with her daughters’ teen boyfriends.

Coral Lytle, 41, was arrested for having sex with two teenage boys in the fall of 2017. The Tulare County District Attorney’s Office charged her with 21 felony sex counts.

After reviewing the probation report, a Tulare County judge said he would not sentence Lytle on Monday, saying he didn’t believe the indicated sentence (five years of probation with a six-year suspended prison term) was appropriate.

Lytle, who is out of custody, can now withdraw her earlier plea.

A trial setting hearing will take place next Monday.

“Most of the time, when a court makes an indicated sentence, the probation report will follow the indicated sentence,” said Tulare County Assistant District Attorney David Alavezos. “There are times the probation report will recommend a sentence that is not what was indicated.”

As Lytle’s legal proceedings continue, court documents are shedding light on the nature of her alleged sexual relationships with two teenage boys.

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