Car sales up by 31.3% in August

Motorcyle sales down

Car sales were up by 31.3% in Greece for the month of August, according to the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT). The data showed that the number of new cars registered in August 2017 amounted to 5,643, compared to 4,637 last year, a 21.7% rise. The overall number of cars (new and used) registered in August of 2017 reached 10,549 which was a 31.3% increase compered to August 2016. For the period between January and August there were 110,137 new and used cars, compared to 92,252 over the same period last year, a 19.4% rise. The new cars for the 8-month period were 9.6% more in comparison to 2016. The data showed that there were 2,612 more motorcycles over 50CC (new and used) for August, recording a 19.9% drop from August of last year. Brand new motorcycles were down by 21.8% for August.