Coronavirus: Greek government to issue legislative act to deal with disease

The law comprises of 5 articles

Spokesperson Stelios Petsas said the government would issue a legislative act that would include 5 clauses aimed at addressing the coronavirus threat during a press briefing on Tuesday.

According to Mr. Petsas, the articles will cover the following:

The first article deals with measures to prevent, monitor and restrict the spread of the disease.

The second article deals with personnel issues to counter the spread of coronavirus.

The third article deals with public procurement matters and in particular the direct supply, by circumventing all the standing regulations, sanitary material, personal protective measures and medicines.

The fourth article deals with issues of a forced seizure by the State, of private clinics and clinics, Intensive Care Units (ICUs), hotels, private housing services, other public or legal entities owned by public law.

The fifth article relates to the Ministry of Health’s extraordinary financial grant to cover the emergency needs of medical, nursing and healthcare personnel, to purchase materials and to take protective measures.