Covid-19 Greece – We are at war, warns Greek epidemiology expert

Two deaths were recorded in one day

Experts in Greece are raising the alarm about the danger of the Covid-19 returning in force, following the latest worrying data on the rise of recorded cases in the country.

The dramatic situation and the concerns were summed up by professor of epidemiology at Athens University Athena Linou who spoke to THEMA radio 104.6 by stating characteristically “we are at war”.

“We are at war. We can not wait for the cases to reach the intensive care unit to take action. We have exceeded 1 in the transmission index,” she warned.

According to the professor, if we do not take measures, we could reach 1,000 cases a day.

In the meantime, from Thursday morning and within a few hours, two more deaths were recorded from the coronavirus, as an 87-year-old man from Halkidiki and an 82-year-old man in Thessaloniki were added to the death toll, which now stands at 218.

The 87-year-old was hospitalised at the General Hospital of Halkidiki and was suffering from a series of underlying conditions.

The 82-year-old was being treated at the ICU of AHEPA since August 2, with underlying diseases such as gastritis and prostate.

The country is on a dangerous trajectory – The intubations tripled in 12 days

Yesterday’s report revealed the course of the pandemic is far from being curbed, as the number of positive cases jumped to 262, of which 151 were recorded in Attica and Thessaloniki. A further point of concern is the fact that the outbreak was detected in one of the most vulnerable groups of society, an Elderly Care Unit, while the intubation of a 27-year-old specialist at the University Hospital of Larissa compounded concerns.