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Cyprus negotiations: The Turkish-Cypriot way to say “thank you”…

It seems there is no good will from the Turkish side

The illegal Turkish-Cypriot regime of the occupied northern Cyprus, has prohibited the Epitaphios procession at the Saint George Exorinos church that has been allowed in the last four consecutive years.

According to Greek-Cypriot officials, this is the way the Turkish-Cypriots are saying “thank you” for the gesture of good will on behalf of the Republic of Cyprus, when the Cypriot Parliament retreated from its positions and took back a previous decision regarding the schools teaching about the 1950 referendum that saw more than 90% voting in favor of a unification with Greece.

But the Turkish-Cypriot side went on with another provocation, as they begun massively naturalizing Turkish citizens as “Turkish-Cypriots”.

President Anastasiades mentioned these issues to the Turkish-Cypriot community leader Akinci, but didn’t press on as he said, he didn’t want to create a…negative atmosphere in the negotiations…