“Dead” Greek man appears on TV to prove he is alive!! (video)

Giannis Diamantis has been officially dead for 14 years

One of the main symptoms often cited for Greece’s failing economy is the state’s endemic and deeply rooted bureaucracy. The following story just highlights the insanity normal citizens are faced with when dealing with public services. Giannis Diamantis has been desperately trying to prove that he is not dead for the past 14 years! His ordeal started in 2003 when he was informed by his local council of Egaleo municipality that he was not eligible to cast his ballot during elections because he was listed as deceased. After looking into the matter he found out that a man with his personal details had indeed died during the period at the Tzaneio hospital. What better way to get over the confusion than to apply for a correction at his local council. Mr. Diamantis went to the municipal authorities to change his personal details and rectify the misunderstanding. But after waiting for a long time his case had not progressed, and he eventually ended up in an administrative court, as the Egaleo municipality said they were not responsible for making any changes to identification papers. But the epitome of absurdity had only begun, as the court ruled that in order for a change of personal details to take effect this would have to be done by the dead man with Mr. Diamantis’s surname!! The live Mr. Diamantis continues on his quest to prove her is alive and appeared on Ant-1 TV’s morning current affairs show “Kalimera Ellada” to present his case! In the meantime, as he explained on air he was surprisingly able to file his tax returns (well that’s the tax office for you-no problem collecting cash from a person, even if he is dead), but when it came to financial benefits from the state it was another deal altogether.