Declared income of officials deciding EU peoples’ fate (see charts)

Are you getting paid well enough? Compare your salary to that of world leaders and you’d be surprised!

The highest-paid EU official is European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker who grosses an average 317,496 euros per annum (not including perks and freebies that come with the job), followed by European Council President Donald Tusk (298,495 euros), Luxembourg’s PM Xavier Bettel (288,000) and German Chancellor Angela Merkel (250,000 euros)

Greece’s own Prime Minister is 15th on the list with 85,479 euros per annum, though in all fairness he did turn down the 500-euro per day benefits for overseas travel and turned downt the company car. The least-paid Prime Minister is Laimdota Straujuma of Latvia that earns 25,284 euros per annum before taxes.

Here’s what they get per hour compared to the average labor costs in their country.

Here are the 12 most highly-paid leaders with Indonesia’s Lee Hsien Loong a winner by far, followed by Barack Obama who earns just 269,690 pounds. Could this be true?

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