Document: The message sent to the Greek Fleet during the most critical hours of the 1996 Imia Crisis! (PHOTO)

Greece was moments away from total war with Turkey!

We present to you a historic document from the 1996 Imia Crisis: the message sent from the Chief of the Hellenic Navy General Staff to the Greek Fleet.

The message is signed by the Vice-Admiral Ioannis Stagkas and it encapsulates the determination of the military personnel and the tension of those moments. It is a proof that the country was prepared for war and it shows us how close we really came to that.

The government in Athens, however, did not have the stomach to protect the Greek sovereign right as they should…

The message reads:

I am absolutely certain that if needed all of you will prove to be worthy of the glorious history of the Hellenic Navy.
Good luck and may God be with you


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