Economic Expert: An agreement is possible and so is the debt restructuring

There is no chance of a Grexit


According to an unidentified economic expert of the Greek economy who spoke on the side of the 2nd Delfi Economic Forum, an agreement must be reached as soon as possible, since in May it will be too late.

However, if there is a Staff Level Agreement now, then any new measures will be voted on the Parliament fast something that will open the road to a debt restructure. He added that right now there is discussion between Germany and the IMF on this issue, something that was not the case a few months ago.

Also, the QE is still open for Greece and it is an opportunity that the country cannot afford to miss.

He estimated that the primary surplus for 2016 will be over 2,5%. Finally, he said that there is no such thing as a Grexit anywhere in our future.