EP Elections? Mykonos has other priorities (video)

The beachgoers slipped into their bathing suits and hit sea

Most of the country might be gripped with “election fever”, as the turnout at the polling stations looks satisfactory, so far, but for those in Mykonos, it is just another a day for the beach.

That is no surprise, really, given that the cosmopolitan Cycladic island is often referred to as a different “country”, detached from the problems and realities of the rest of Greece.
What was on the minds of those in Mykonos was not impacting the future of Europe through their votes, but getting the perfect tan.
The weather was just right for the ladies, who slipped into their bikinis and tested the waters less than a week before summer officially arrives.

Mykonos Live TV’s camera was roaming around the beaches and brought the Mykonian atmosphere to its viewers, proving once again that the island really is in a world of its own.