Erdogan openly threatens Greece, saying it will be solely responsible for the harm it suffers

The Turkish President also took at the EU for hypocrisy

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan unmistakably threatened Greece in his latest statements following the criticism he came under by the European Commission and Berlin regarding a Turkish NAVTEX in the Eastern Mediterranean south of Crete.

Following a party meeting, the Turkish president warned Greece that it would be solely responsible for whatever happened and the “damage it would suffer” in the region.

Responding to the Greek counter-NAVTEX issued against that of Turkey, has said Greece had no right to issue a NAVTEX for the same region, underlining his clear unwillingness to back down from Turkey’s illegal drilling activities.

“Greece has no right to issue NAVTEX for the region where we have done it. I think it would be useful for our Greek neighbours to understand that those who dragged Greece in front of the Turkish navy, will not reappear in a possible problem that will arise in the future. Today’s statement by Greece endangers the coastal and maritime safety of all ships in the region,” Erdogan said regarding the Greek “response” to the renewal of the Turkish NAVTEX.

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He continued: “From now on, Greece will be the only one responsible for anything negative that arises in the region and for the damage that it will cause to itself. With this stance against international law, Greece has fallen into a chaos that cannot be avoided.”

Erdogan also took aim at the EU, accusing it of never being honest with Turkey. “They support terrorists against our homeland, who are coming to us from Greece and the PKK. Do you consider this friendship? They do not stand by a country that sacrifices itself for independence and its future. They have a hypocritical attitude towards us, there is no unity as a value”.