Erdogan: Turkey will be in Cyprus for ever!

Turkey wants equal number of forces for both constituent states!


The President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated today that “we have made it clear to Greece and Cyprus that they should not been waiting a solution without Turkey as a guarantor. We will always be there”.


These were the conditions set by Turkey during the negotiations in Geneva about the Cyprus dispute, according to Reuters.


The Turkish media report that there are three main concerns for Turkey:
– They do not want to talk about even the possibility of the Turkish troops leaving the island.
– They asked the villages Kokkina and Morfou to be united and to remain under the Turkish-Cypriot control.
– They want Varosia to be given to the Greek-Cypriot constituent state.


“The Annan Plan is void”, Erdogan added and underlined that if the Turkish forces are to leave the island, the Greek forces must leave as well.


Moreover, regarding the security chapter, he stated that Turkey’s position is that the “Northern Cyprus” and the “Southern Cyrus” will have equal number of forces.