Erdogan’s fanatics in Thrace call for “Holy War”! (PHOTOS)

Turkey plays dangerous games with the stability of the Balkans…

In the light of the upcoming referendum in Turkey, President Erdogan is pulling every card available to convince his people to vote “Yes” to the constitutional changes that will empowering him greatly.

However, with his attempts he is running the risk of destabilizing the whole area. What his people are doing is trying to bring tension to Turkey’s relations with Greece as well as Bulgaria by promoting their propaganda to Greek and Bulgarian Muslim citizens that are not necessarily Turkish.
And that is not all. In leaflets they distribute in Muslim villages in Thrace they are practically calling for a religious “Holy War” against Christians.

This is a cause of major concern for the Greek authorities which are looking carefully into the way Erdogan’s people move, analyzing the situation, while being careful not to give Turkey any pretext to bring the, so far creeping, Greek-Turkish crisis to a more dangerous level…