Everything is ready for the big Sunday rally for Macedonia!

More than 2500 buses from all over Greece have been booked & more than 1.000.000 people are expected to show up

The countdown for the big rally that is scheduled for Sunday at 14:00′ at Syntagma Square has started.

The platform and the speakers are in position while the police has taken all necessary measures to ensure that everything will go smoothly.

The Omonia, Panepistimio and Syntagma metro station aregoing to be closed from tommorrow morning until the end of the rally for security reason.

The organizers, however, have officially requested the Syntagma metro station to be open so that the people that want to go to the rally won’t have to walk great distances from the nearby stations.

Some have voiced their suspicions that the decision to close the Syntagma metro station might be an indirect attempt by the government to limit the number of people that will finaly choose to go to the rally.

The organizers are not political parties, but organizations from around the country as well as the diaspora. The main speaker will be the famous Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis.

They are expecting a record number of people from all over the country to show up, a number close to 1.000.000, something that is expected to put an enormous preasure on the Greek government not to succumb to the demands of the UN negotiator Mathew Nimetz, FYROM or anybody else…

The number of buses booked for the rally from all over Greece are approximately 2500.

Industries in the country are working frantically to have ready orders that were placed even from common people for banners -moslty in English, as the rally will be amessage to the whole world- and flags etc.