• bakari

Exclusive: 2nd video of Bakari Henderson murder (how it started)

Henderson appears to be retaliating after being attacked

Protothema has releases a second exclusive video from the murder of US tourist on the island of Zakynthos. Henderson, 22, was on the Greek island for a photoshoot to launch his own fashion line when he and his friends visited a local bar, Bar Code, in the town of Laganas, late on Thursday night. The second video from security cameras show what led up to the brawl. The footage shows Henderson sitting next to a woman and a man taking a selfie at the bar. Moments after a man sitting on the opposite side of the bar attacks the American who retaliates with a punch. That is when the brawl gets out of hand leading to his death outside the bar. Eight men were charged by Greek authorities with his death, seven Serbs and one Greek who have all been detained.

  • Mike Pilgrim

    The press are their usual dishonest selves. The press refuse to report what exactly happened between Henderson and the waitress leading to the fight. The fact that the press refuse to report what exactly happened tells me what he did was despicable enough to be a source of disgust. This dishonest reporting is why the press are not trusted.