Extravagant Russian wedding takes place on Mykonos

A billionaire banker offered his daughter and extravagant but also somewhat tacky wedding on the Island of the Winds

A 1,000 m² stage, 17 trucks, a British rocker, an army of bodyguards and at least 1,500 bottles of Dom Perignon made up the scene of a somewhat tacky wedding that cost approximately two million Euros!

Russian oligarch Sergey Sheklanov certainly spared no expense in order to offer his beloved daughter Ekaterina her dream wedding, which took place on Saturday at Elia beach on the beautiful island of Mykonos. The stage alone that was set up on the idyllic beach was similar in size to the one used for the recent Lady Gaga’s concert in Athens!

One cannot help but wonder, who is behind the most glamorous wedding that was held this year on the cosmopolitan island? The name Sergey Sheklanov is unknown in Greece but judging by the way the Russian businessman was throwing away money at Mykonos on the occasion of his daughter, Ekaterina Sheklanova’s wedding with young Yuri Korolev, it is safe to assume that Sheklanov must be a powerful man in Russia. It is no wonder that the 200 rich and famous friends of the couple arrived on the island courtesy of the bride’s father!

It should also be noted that the bride’s bouquet was made of golden leaves and that two known bands from Russia entertained the guests, along with the famous British rock star Chris Norman.

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