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Famous Greek director Nikos Koundouros died aged 91

He left his mark in the world of cinema


One of the greatest Greek directors, Nikos Koundouros died at the age of 91. The man of art whose work went far beyond the borders of Greece, was born at Agios Nikolaos in Crete in 1926. He studied painting and sculpture in the Fine Arts Schools of Athens. After WWII he turned to cinema and he directed his first movie “Magic City” in 1954 which was presented in the Festival of Venice with very good reviews.

His filmography includes classic films like “O Drakos” (Eng: “The Ogre of Athens”), his 1963 film “Young Aphrodites” which won the ‘Silver Bear for Best Director’ at the 13th Berlin International Film Festival, “1922”, “Byron, Ballad for a possessed” etc.

Nikos Koundouros had many health issues during the last years.

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