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Feelings in Ancient Greece

A different exhibition experience


The Onassis Cultural Center New York is presenting a different exhibition. The new show, “A World of Emotions: Ancient Greece, 700BC-200AD”, opened on March 9th and until June 24th it will explore expressions and depictions of feelings in Ancient Greece in both mythology and everyday life.


(Amphora with mourning scene around 530 BC)


According to historian Angelos Chaniotis, more than 130 objects, including life-sized statues, coins, amulets, pottery and funerary art, will provide a glimpse of the way feelings and emotions were perceived in Ancient Greece.

Some of the more bizarre objects on display include a funerary stele for a “loveable hog” (2nd-3rd Century AD), the victim of a traffic accident (possibly the earliest such recorded incident, Chaniotis says), and votive offerings and amulets that depict genitals.


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