Female genital mutilation in Greece!

A barbaric custom among refugees and illegal immigrants has reached Greece

Elderly “therapists”, along with informal imams in the role of butcher, perform female genital mutilation in Greece to minor girls of refugees!

Until recently, the Greek society had indirect and minimal contact with the barbaric practice of clitoridiectomy, the female genital mutilation: only through some documentaries played on television and the bestseller transferred to the movie “Flower of the Desert”, the autobiography of Woris Dirry, a model born in Somalia, who underwent this process at the age of five, managing a few years later to escape and reveal her story.


However, the Greek Justice dealt with such a case: a Kenyan woman filed an application for international protection for herself and her three minor children. She claimed in the application that she belonged to the Kikuyu tribe and therefore her children are at risk from the practice of clitoridiectomy to which all women are subjected without exception. Greece as a European country condemning such practices eventually granted asylum to the woman and her children to protect them from this inhumane practice. But who imagined that two years later the “Desert Flower” would sprout in Greece, and this barbaric practice would also apply here.

According to employee complaints for many years in a well-known NGO dealing with refugees and immigrants, this “custom” is spreading to our country as well. Several members of minorities who consider their duty to criminalize their underage girls, citing moral and religious obedience reasons, hire skilled “cutters” to do the dirty work in various parts of Greece – with payment of course. In Greece there are thousands of women who have been subjected to this torture. As their parents are unable to return to the countries from which they originate only for this process, a small industry of “therapists” who arrange to “cleanse” has been organized in the Muslim communities, especially in Athens and hot spots “Physically and morally, girls and young women of anything associated with the supposed shame that arises from their sexuality.


According to the same source, this has happened to “girls under the age of 15 who came with their parents in Greece for a better future”. Many of these are literally babies, in some cases even babies of a few months. But these are not excluded and they are maimed with a razor or scissors from unsolicited midwives, without an anesthetic and under miserable and extremely dangerous conditions. As a result, hygiene precautions are minimal.

“It has been a terrible impression that this is not just women from African countries where this practice is widespread,” says the NGO worker who, for obvious reasons, wants to remain anonymous. “Sorry, but I can not call it a custom. A teenage girl confessed to me a few months ago that her mother announced her shortly after she came to Greece. She told her that she was an obligation, as she had grown up. Originally she had presented it as something very good, like a celebration. Indeed, she was particularly well dressed for the occasion. They went to a house in downtown Athens, a small old apartment. It seemed uninhabited, without furniture, had only some mattresses and a sofa.

She described the pain. She thought she would die. Two women were holding her and one closed her mouth so that her voices could not be heard. After her amputation her legs were tied very tight around her, so she could not walk normally for several days. Only after several hours he could go to the toilet. They told her she was lucky, as in case something went wrong, there would be no doctor to help”.