Fighting in the Ukrainian parliament has become an everyday phenomenon(watch video)

On the occasion of the shooting down of the Malaysian Airlines aircraft

The shooting down of the Malaysian airlines aircraft was the reason for a new fight in the Ukrainian parliament.

It all started when the chairman of the House Oleksantr Tourtsinof blamed the pro-Russian separatists for shooting down the flight MI17, and stressed that a ground-to-air missile BUK was used which was handled by the Russian armed forces.

The Minister of National Security and Defense generally blamed Russia by saying that the escalating crisis in Ukraine is increasing because of the presence of its forces on the border.

One of the members of parliament disagreed that Russia is the sole arbiter throwing the blame on the Ukrainian authorities which failed to reach a truce. This attitude created a strong reaction of the ruling and in a few minutes all the deputies had started fighting. This was the second incident within 24 hours as something similar had happened on Monday, only this time on the occasion of the equipment of Ukrainian forces.