First volumes of “Cyprus File” delivered to President Pavlopoulos

It will soon be available on the Greek parliament’s website


Parliament President Nikos Voutsis on Wednesday delivered the four first volumes of the “Cyprus File” to President of the Hellenic Republic Prokopios Pavlopoulos.

During the event, Voutsis referred to the chronicle of the File, explaining that after two and a half years of processing, he was presenting the President with the first four out of a total of 30 600-page volumes containing all the material from the Special Examining Committee set up 33 years ago to look into the tragic events on Cyprus.

“The procedure started in 2015 when the plenum of the Greek parliament decided to hand over the material to the Cypriots,” said Voutsis, adding that it will soon be available on the Greek parliament’s website. “We will make it available to Greek and international public opinion and it will become a spark for collecting additional material from the testimony of the protagonists and other sources sot that historic memory can be restored”.

“It is important that international public opinion should be informed” said President Pavlopoulos, adding that “Cyprus is a trauma for the national core and we must know what happened. It is a principle, everything related to the mishandling of national issues must become public”.

He congratulated the Greek parliament and Cyprus’ House of Representatives on their initiative, “for an issue that had remained unresolved, not by us but by those who tolerate the tragedy, which is a disgrace for the international community and for the European Union”.

Source: thegreekobserver