Meet the “Sea Bubble”! The flying water taxis of Paris! (video)

Introduced to help reduce traffic

Paris, as most large modern cities, suffers from hectic traffic. But a new type of vehicle called the “Sea Bubble” could help alleviate the problem. These flying taxis, that are scheduled to be tested on the Seine river by late September, will finally be tested in Paris in May-June 2018 and aim to make the Seine river a common means of transport so that Parisian commuters can cross the city of lights in less than 15 minutes!

Bertrand Lambert, the Sea Bubbles inventor, announces the vehicle will be able to navigate the Seine in May-June this year. The famous flying taxis were already successfully tested last June.
These machines can actually “fly” at a maximum speed of 32mph. Yet, theSeine has a speed limit of 7.5mph in the city center and 11.2mph outside.

Finally, after months of negotiations, Alain Thébault, aided by Paris Authorities and the Ministry of Transport, the Sea Bubbles will be permitted to navigate or “fly” at a speed of 15.53 mph. The green light has just been given by the region perfect, Michel Cadot.
These flying boats can accommodate up to 4 passengers and one pilot, while they run on electricity.