Free speech or hate speech? UK bans entry into country of right-wing activist Lauren Southern (watch her explain her arrest-video)

Britain allows jihadists into the country, but not right-wing activists?

British authorities, who allowed the re-entry into the country of over 400 ISIS jihadists who fought in Syria, apparently consider Lauren Southern, a 22-year-old right-wing/conservative activist a much more serious threat, as she has been banned from entering the UK! Ms Southern was held by border force officials in Coquelles, Calais. The Canadian activist “was not conducive to the public good”, the UK UK Home Office said. According to reports she was planning to meet with Austrian Martin Sellner a member of the Generation Identity group, who along with girlfriend, American commentator Brittany Pettibone was also banned from entering the UK.

The Home Office said they were unable to specify why the trio had been refused entry.

However, in a video interview with former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson Mr Sellner said he had planned to appear at Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park on Sunday.

UK anti-terrorism police cited “racist” leaflets as the reason to detain conservative journalist Lauren Southern and bar her from entering the UK. The leaflets have been revealed to be leaflets promoting “LGBT for Islam.”



Southern also claimed she was asked a variety of bizarre questions while detained under the Schedule 7 Terrorism Act of 2000, including how she felt about people running Muslims over, how Christian she was, and how she felt about “right-wing terrorism.”