French baker fined for working too hard!

He was fined €3,000 for working seven days a week

A baker from the small town of Lusigny-sur-Barse in northeastern France has been fined €3,000 for working seven days a week. The law imposes a weekly day of rest for all workers but Cédric Vaivre kept his bakery open all week in the summer of 2017.
Lusigny Mayor Christian Branle and locals from the town of just 2,000 people have come out in defence of Vaivre and started a petition, according to local newspaper L’Est Eclair.
Locals argue that in the summer months, “there is nothing worse than closed shops when there are tourists” and it is essential that the baker stays open every day.
During the summer months the town sees an influx of tourists travelling to the lakes in the nearby stunning Orient Forest Regional Nature Park.

The baker also says that staying open during the vital summer months is what keeps his business running at a profit.
Vaivre acknowledges that he broke the law, but is shocked at the size of the fine and is holding out hope that it may be lowered or cancelled.
Mayor Branle added: “Let’s have some common sense, we’re in a small rural community with no other baker. Furthermore, his business is critical to the important tourist trade.”