French girl streams her suicide live (video of girl)

She accused someone of rape in video message

A 19-year old French girl live-streamed her suicide on her mobile phone using the app ‘Periscope’, in the suburb of Evry in Paris, France, Tuesday. The girl threw herself in front of a moving train, according to a French news agency citing French judicial sources. An excerpt of the video was uploaded on Youtube where the girl made reference to a rape revealing the name of the culprit. The video of the actual suicide was deleted from the app, as ‘Periscope’ takes down data after 24 hours. French police says they were alerted of the incident by a ‘Periscope’ user, but did not manage to prevent the tragic event. French police and judicial authorities are conducting an investigation and will have more clues after retrieving the video from the mobile phone. ‘Periscope’ is a mobile phone app that allows users to stream live videos on twitter. The video remains available for 24 hours before being deleted from the internet.